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Workspace Furniture

Workspace Furniture

At National Project Group, we offer the biggest selection of office workspace furniture. Setting up an entire workspace in an office can be complicated and this is why you can rely on our experienced designers to do the hard work for you. From cubicle setups to open office plans, we only offer the best solutions for your business.

Workstation Design

There are several different ways to set up a functional and comfortable workspace in an office. When choosing a design or layout, keep in mind it all depends on your office’s needs. The following are some of the most important and popular styles in workstation office furniture.

Functional Workspace

Ergonomic Workstations

An ergonomic workstation in an office is specially designed to improve user comfort while providing efficiency and comfortability. This kind of workstation considers natural posture as well as keyboard placement, screen position, and a supportive chair. Not only do ergonomic workspaces keep employees comfortable, but they also support proper posture to avoid any back problems or repetitive strain injuries.

Modular Workstations

A modular workstation provides a strong collaborative environment for the office while encouraging teamwork. Modular workstations are highly efficient because it establishes individual workspaces, but keeps employees close enough to work together when necessary. Modular workstations are also very adaptive and modifiable. Each desk can be set up alone or combined with other pieces in a series. In most cases, modular workspaces are office cubicles, but they can include a modular desk wall, desktop hutches, or a computer desk. Modular workstations are an excellent solution to optimizing your office space.

Cubicle Setup

Office Design Ideas

One of the most common problems with offices is space. When designed properly, an office should offer a great working environment, but the layout must also be space efficient. Office workstations can help divide an office into semi-private workspaces without having to build any permanent structures or walls. With workstations being so flexible, the layout possibilities are endless. When choosing workspace furniture, think about the needs of your employees first. For instance, programmers have different needs than telemarketers and customer support. Consider how your employees will work together with shared equipment. Next, use the floor plans of your office space to help decide where the workstations should be installed. With the help of your office’s floor plan, you can figure out how to get enough workspace into the office without sacrificing the open space, quality and productivity.

Ergonomic Workstation