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Used Commercial Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture in Troy, New York

At the National Project Group retail store, we offer the largest selection of used commercial office furniture, at a fraction of the cost of new, serving the Capital District of New York State. We provide a wide variety of grade-A, high-quality used commercial office furniture that is affordable, attractive and comfortable. Used commercial office furniture is an eco-friendly and cost-effective option for all types of businesses. Stop in today to see our inventory of budget-friendly options. 

Used Commercial Office Furniture in Troy, New York

Used Commercial Office Furniture in Troy, New York

At NPG, we ensure all of our grade-A used office furniture is cleaned, functional and ready for any office enviroment. Our inventory of used office furniture offers a high-quality solution at a fraction of the price that you would be paying for  new office furniture. All of our grade-A used furniture comes from Fortune 500 companies which allows us to offer the highest quality at the best value.

At NPG, we offer like-new office furniture at very competitive prices. To stay up-to-date on our inventory and promotions sign up for our monthly newsletter. 

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