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Stages of an Office Move

There are a few things as daunting to a business as changing its address. Clients come and go, people join and leave, sometimes even the owners change. However, one thing that a company finds difficult to let go of is its old familiar office space.

There are many reasons to this, a familiar address is a comfortable place to be in. The vendors, the suppliers, the support systems, and everything is in place. It is also the place your business is associated with. Every stakeholder, from clients to employees, knows that this is where you belong. The current location might also have a lot of history. It may have become an integral part of the story of your brand.

But sometimes there is no option but to move. And if move you must, you need to ensure that this move can be undertaken with the minimum of fuss. For your business, for your employees, and for your clients. The following are some of the stages of an office move:

Know Why You are Moving

This is most crucial. You need to be absolutely clear as to the reason for your move. Are you growing and need more space? Or do you wish to be closer to your clients? Do you want more modern and up to date infrastructure? Or perhaps you are simply moving because you want to be in a more stylish part of town? Cost cutting or business development, growth or strategy, your reason for moving should decide where you should move to, and how.

Stages of an Office Move

Plan your Move

Make sure you have ample time. Now that you and your senior personnel know the reasons behind the move, it is time to plan things out. Right at the outset, you should know that this is going to take time. At least longer than what you are anticipating right now. It will also take a lot of man-hours. So, be prepared. To avoid confusion, give the responsibility of the move to one person. (Remember, you cannot make every single person happy.) Make sure that the person holds a senior position and is also well liked in the company. This will help smooth things over when it starts to get rough.

Find your Space

There are an infinite number of options out there. And it is as simple as deciding on one. Right? Wrong. This is, of course, an incredibly complex and difficult process. You need to find a place that is well liked by most people in the company. Your new location must also meet all your particular requirements, is well located, within your budget, is near your clients, and is easily accessible by public transportation. Well, it will get more complicated. Is the landlord someone you can do business with easily? How robust is the support staff? As you delve deeper, you will find that there are more things that will require your consideration. Be patient. And remember to count to ten whenever it gets too much.

Why are You Moving

Work up the Lease

Don't react to the lease when it is first shown to you. The lease that is first proposed is going to invariably favor the landlord. So negotiate. However, remember you want a long term solution. So both parties - you and the landlord need to be satisfied.

Design your Space

From a building with bare walls, you need to now transform the office space into a place which expresses the personality of your company and people. It is best to hire a professional. However, ensure that they understand exactly what you need.

Push for the Move

When an office shifts, a whole lot shifts with it. So when it comes to the final push - get help. But even after hiring the best professional packers and movers, you will find yourself micro-managing everything. Checklist, cross check, and then check again. Make sure that people from your office are overseeing everything.

At National Project Group (NPG for short), we have specialized in helping businesses make the difficult transition from one office to another. Simply put, we will partner you through all the stages of an office move. Our project managers will make sure everything happens in the most smooth and least disruptive manner possible. We prefer to be associated with you right from the planning stage to ensure the perfect move into the perfect office. So go ahead, call us. It is the right move to make.

Plan Your Move