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Office Relocation Guide

In business, expansion is a real measure of success. The more successful your company is, the faster the company grows. In practice, growing and expanding usually involves moving. The dynamics of today's modern business and the rate of success requires almost every commercial entity to relocate its production or office location once in a while, depending on the rate of success.

Reasons that may force a company to relocate may include:

  • Labor and workforce issues
  • Upgrading the working environment
  • Exploring new markets
  • Achieving a higher quality of life
  • Lower cost and increasing cash flow
Office Relocation Guide

Office Relocation

Relocating your office can be a nightmare. Office relocation is a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive affair. It may take you hours to find the perfect office space and then there is the stress of disrupting your entire office while on the move.You need to know the process well to effectively manage your time and accomplish the goal of office relocation in order for it to run smoothly.

Creating A More Productive Office Space

In most cases, companies move their business to optimize their expenses. In order to make your transition easier while creating a more productive office space, follow the simple relocation tips below:

  • Get the layout of your new space
  • Make plans for flooring and partitioning of walls
  • Create an inventory of your existing assets
  • Create an inventory of your existing assets
  • Create a budget for your new office furniture
  • Create a moving schedule and contact a professional company to move your old office
Office Relocation

How To Retain Customers While Relocating

If you are on a relocation move, it is important to give your existing customers the much-required attention and consideration. Just like products, customers tend to progress through a life cycle. Managing the customer issues well will help you get clients who continue to add value to your organization.

Below are simple strategies that have been tried and tested to be effective in retaining customers during the office move. These moving strategies include:

  1. Create an effective marketing strategy - At least one month before the move, make sure all your marketing materials both on and offline are revised or reprinted to include your new address. Change signature files and outgoing email correspondence to be in agreement with the new location.
  2. Hold an opening event - Holding a new office launch party will help you attract your existing customers and it presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your new office to clients.
  3. Create an online presence - Creating an online presence presents an excellent way to bridge the gap that is caused by office relocation. Social networking will enable your customers to be kept updated about your new activities and location.
Tips for Relocating and Retaining Customers

Project Management and Relocation Service Company

An office move is a big hassle and it can be time-consuming and disruptive. There are a lot of logistics involved and it can equally be expensive. To ensure your office move is as easy and stress-free as possible, look towards a project management and relocation service company that can ensure the moving process runs smoothly. National Project Group (NPG) has been in the business of project management and furniture liquidation for more than 8 years. Our company presents to its clients an ideal solution while they are on the move. NPG can help keep your budget on track and save money by providing you with used desks, remanufactured furniture, or new items.

NPG is experienced in servicing the relocation process of any company. We will move your office, furnish it, and help you manage your new look. NPG helps you through the planning, logistics, and implementation of your project to manage the movement of people, furniture, and equipment. NPG will also help you reconfigure your furniture, move equipment, relocate your workers and any other related service. Confide in our exceptional relocation services and you won't be disappointed!

How to Retain Customers While Relocating