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Office Furniture Removal

Many businesses start in a small office as finances are limited during the start-up stage. However, with time, the business tends to outgrow this first space and the only option they have is to move to a bigger one. While moving offices is a daunting task, you should think of all the benefits associated with getting a place that accommodates the developments of a growing company. Relocating from one office to another does not have to be a traumatizing experience. Planning for the move in advance and consulting your office furniture removal company about the logistics of this task can help you transition smoothly with minimal disturbance to your business.

You should do an extensive research to get a mover that best suits your needs, such as National Project Group. Since there are many things you will require coordinating, it is advisable to outsource the move to experts so as to maintain sanity and increase the productivity of your employees during the moving period.

Planning Prior Move Day

Before moving, ensure each of your staff knows his/her responsibilities particularly in relation to organizing and packing up their offices. Since an office move is not something you plan overnight, involve your employees in the planning process as this will make them ready for the move with as little disruption as possible. Planning early should also include making sure you have enough telephone and electrical connections in every room at the new location to suit your current needs as well as possible expansion plans in future.

Office Furniture Removal

Keeping Your Clients Updated

To avoid losing business, it is important to notify your clients, business partners, local government service providers and other concerned parties of your new address several weeks beforehand. This can be achieved by including a sticker on all letters and emails that go out at least a month before the move. Your receptionists should also be guided to tell every caller of your pending address change. Update your website with an alert that is easy to read about the pending address change as well as phone numbers. Tell your telephone company about the awaiting changes so that every call made to the old number will be redirected without intrusion.

Hiring Removal Companies

There are experienced companies such as National Project Group that provide help to businesses during the moving process. Our service providers are highly attentive to detail and are able to complete tasks that first-time movers might forget or not be aware of. Office furniture removal companies save many businesses from the headache associated with relocating and ensure that the move is done as fast as possible and with the least disruption to business.

Experience is an important consideration to make when choosing a moving company. Choose companies that have been in operation for several years. Cost is also another big consideration. Have a budget beforehand and get a fairly priced mover. National Project Group is your go-to office furniture removal company as it has been in this business for over 20 years. Besides, it is affordable making it suitable even if you have a limited budget. Finally, National Project Group has professional and experienced staff that will do everything possible to ensure you relocate to your new office smoothly.

Planning Prior Move Day