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Commercial Interior Design

At National Project Group we’re passionate about commercial interior design. Our ideal client is inspirational, giving, fun and hungry to live a beautiful life that is supported by a warm, elegant yet timeless interior for your workspace.

Especially if you are time-challenged, crazed with work, kids, travel and a busy social life, yet you are looking for a workspace that you’re proud of and helps your employees relax and enjoy staying late at the office. our commercial office design services are the answer. If you don’t have spare months to research, select, shop, create a plan, assemble and manage a team on your own, we can help you achieve the vision for your workspace.

Our designers are ready to work with you today. Call today to set up a call or in person meeting!

Business Furniture Solutions for Law Firms

Meet Our Expert Designer: Cassie Thompson

Cassie Thompson joins National Project Group with over 6 years experience in the interior design industry. Her combination of interior design education, traveling worldwide and being sought after at several design firms has led Cassie to create her own design studio based in the San Diego area. Cassie works to conceptualize the design in a way that caters to those who will exist within it, taking an intimate approach. Her experience allows her to transform all the elements of a space into a single narrative. This ability to fluidly navigate a project relies less on the trends of the moment and more on a timeless functional space.

Dynamic Law Firm Office Design

Interior Design Services for Commercial Spaces

  • Creating functional floor plans with space planning and layout
  • Sourcing art pieces
  • Fabric and textiles selection
  • Furniture and lighting selection
  • Color palette and paint selection
  • Detailed designs that match your company’s vision
High Quality Law Firm Office Furniture