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How to Pack Your ComputerFor a Move

How to Pack Your Computer For a Move

Relocating an office involves moving one of your most valuable assets-computers. If packed wrong, these devices could break along the way, which loses you a mountain of data and costs even more. Here are ideas on how to pack your computer:

If the machine is on, you need to shut it down in the appropriate way. Find packing boxes that will hold both the tower and the monitor. Before you disassemble your computer, take several pictures depicting the way the cables are hooked so you do not have a problem figuring things out at the other end. When you are done, turn off the power, unplug the cables and put the monitor and tower apart.

How To Pack Your Computer

Packing a Desktop

  • First deal with the tower by placing crushed paper at the bottom of a box to make a cushion against impact.
  • Take time to wrap the piece in enough layers of bubble wrap. Afterwards, secure it with several rounds of packing tape, making sure that the tape only comes in touch with the wrapping and not the tower.
  • Carefully lift the tower and place it in the box.
  • Next is your monitor, it has a very delicate screen, so you will need to wrap it in several layers of soft wrapping paper. Two or three rounds should get the job done.
  • Again, secure things using a tape, and make sure it touches only the wrapping and does not directly reach the monitor.
  • You will need to place the piece inside the box in an upright position, ensuring that it goes in and faces any of the inside walls of the box.
  • To prevent friction among the units in, fill the hole between them using crushed packing papers. Add the same paper on top of the monitor and the tower.

Packing Keyboards and Other Accessories

  • Wrap your mouse, webcams, routers and modems in a tight wrapping paper. Using a different paper, throw in the cables and tape them securely.
  • Place everything on the top area of the inside portion of the box, above the tower and monitor.
  • If there is any space left in the box, fill it with packing paper and close everything.
  • Now, close the box and shake it gently to ensure that the space inside is tightly utilized.
  • Place a label on the box to make identification and unpacking easy.
Packing a Desktop

How to Pack a Laptop

  • Find a laptop sleeve and place the device in it. Once you are done, wrap the machine with bubble wrap pieces starting from the front and moving towards the back.
  • Secure everything tight with the correct tape.
  • Put the laptop in a specific box, and position it on its edge. That way, it is more stable than it would be if placed flat.
  • Pick the AC adapter and fold it, securing it with its own harness (most come with these little 'grips') and then place it inside the box.
  • Use any leftover crushed paper and fill the unused space inside the box.
  • Close the box and label it accordingly- you could use the name of your next office, the department to which the laptop belongs to, or the nature of the information it carries.

Whenever you are planning to move, seek the help of accomplished office relocation companies -they know how to handle delicate machinery such as computers.

Packing Keyboards and Other Accessories