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Furniture Moving Service

Office Moves

Everybody can agree that moving an entire office to a new location is a huge hassle. Not only is it confusing and distracting for your employees, it also disrupts your day-to-day business. At National Project Group, we specialize in making your office move as seamless and smooth as possible with the least amount of disruption to your work environment. When working with our moving experts, it can significantly minimize downtime, reduce stress, and ensure that nothing is neglected.

Furniture Moving Service

Moving Services

It is essential to have a relocation plan in place before your actual office move. Our project managers will coordinate with your office managers and staff to formulate a relocation plan that is streamlined and efficient in managing the move. Our moving service professionals are trained in implementing everything from a simple office relocation to a total office liquidation.

Our moving services provide after-hours, overnight or weekend services to minimize workflow interruption.

  • Pre-move and ongoing meeting coordination
  • Scope identification and documentation
  • Vendor and subcontractor coordination
  • Resource planning and integration
Moving Consultant

Moving Process:

  • Content inspection
  • Pre-move site inspection
  • Data/Communication equipment removal and re-installation
  • On-site receiving, re-install, and trades coordination
  • Move-day site coordination and troubleshooting
  • On-site employee assistance
  • Coordinate technology placement and cabling

Our professional moving team will manage your entire moving process. From the actual move itself to the liquidation of outdated furniture to supplying new office furniture – we can do it all for you. Our moving team will also coordinate technology and cable placement, so you do not have to worry about a thing!

Moving Professionals