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Furniture Liquidation

Furniture Liquidation

The NPG team provides expert management support in the liquidation of your office. From donations, recycling of excess furniture, or removal of IT equipment, we coordinate and manage liquidation projects. Our professional project manager starts the process by creating a thorough and detailed furniture inventory and database, including photographs, product descriptions and quantities. Our project manager will also coordinate all removal logistics to meet client lease obligations and deadlines. 

Furniture Liquidation Services

The NPG team is always on-site, supervising the entire knockdown and removal process so that you do not have to worry. Whether it’s 20 floors or one office suite, our professional liquidation managers have never missed a deadline. Our experts do more than just furniture liquidation. From liquidation, buyback programs, recycling, rental to storage solutions, we ensure that you will get the best value from all of our services. With our 30 years of experience, our furniture liquidation professionals have become highly-skilled in office furniture liquidation.

What is Furniture Liquidation