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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Listed below are faq's regarding project management and furniture services that NPG provides.

With over 30 years of experience, we are fully equipped to handle all size office relocation projects across the United States and Canada. Whether it is furniture reconfiguration, office furnishing or equipment relocation, we will do it for you. Our project managers will help you plan for the relocation and oversee the whole project from start to finish.
To minimize the impact of the relocation process on your business, our project managers create a detailed plan to ensure that the move is excuted in a timely and orderly fashion. From start to finish we make sure that every detail is handled professionaly to reduce any down time for your business.
The cost of office relocation depends on various factors such as the distance of relocation and the type of office furniture and equipment to be moved. When using NPG to relocate your business, we ensure that your project is within your budget. Our project managers will work with you to minimize your costs and maximize the outcome.
Upon contacting us, we will immediately send a project manager to evaluate your project and come up with a proposal. NPG will design a plan for the best way to tackle the relocation process taking into account the cost among other factors. Once you review the proposal and approve it, we will get to work.
Once you have given us the "go ahead", we immediately get to work to ensure that the relocation process takes as little time as possible. At NPG, we understand the need of having your business back on track, and we will do everything possible to ensure that the relocation process create minimal interruption for your business.
Yes, we do! We not only enable you to move swiftly to your new offices, but we ensure that your office is professionally furnished. Our experienced staff will offer you advice on designing and furnishing your office space with either new, used or remanufacture furniture.
On relocation, we will help you capitalize on your old furniture that you do not need in your new offices. NPG advises you on the best furniture liquidation options and coordinates the whole process depending on your preference.
Yes! If your budget does not allow you the option of new furniture, you can buy used or remanufactured office furniture at a significantly lower price point. Our professional staff will assist you in selecting the best options for your office.
After contacting us, we will immediately send our project managers to evaluate your project and come up with a proposal. We will then get to work right away to ensure that the whole process is completed in a timely manner.