Tips to Create a Comfortable Waiting Room

Your waiting room is the gateway to your business, and you want your guests to feel welcome the moment they step into it. Your waiting room says a lot about your business, and it’s paramount that your guest seating be both comfortable and inviting. Don’t make the mistake of creating an attractive waiting room that’s not also comfortable. The two elements go hand in hand.

Getting It Right

There are several tried and true guest-seating tips that can help you maximize your waiting room’s appeal by making it more comfortable for all of your clients:

  1. Variety

Your guests aren’t all the same size, and your guest seating shouldn’t be either. When you offer only one seating option, you’re bound to neglect some of your customers. From the very small to the very tall, different customers have different needs when it comes to sitting comfortably. You want your customers to equate your waiting room with relaxed comfort in a pleasant environment. Incorporate a variety of guest seating options, including standard chairs with and without arms, oversized chairs, and benches. Many office furniture lines have guest seating collections that address this need. Hone your office aesthetic while also providing optimal comfort.

  1. Design

Consider the unique performance-demands of your waiting room, and design accordingly. Upholstery can play an important role in your customers’ comfort, and there are myriad options available. The right upholstery will help create a warm and welcoming setting. Consider your business’s unique aesthetic and specific needs – including durability and ease of upkeep – and factor these into your upholstery choices.

  1. Arrangement

Once you’ve found the right guest seating, give some thought to how its arrangement can maximize your waiting-room space. Keep your customers in mind, and remember that they come in all makes and models. Some people don’t feel comfortable plopping down right next to a stranger while they wait to engage your services – build in some roomy seating areas. Provide your clients with a variety of seating options that will allow them all to wait comfortably.

When you make your waiting room comfortable and inviting, you honor your customers and encourage their continued loyalty. Everyone wins.

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