Save Money and the Environment

Office furniture often retains its usefulness far longer than its tenure in the office would indicate. Companies remodel, refashion, and reinvent their office aesthetic, but they rarely recycle their office furniture. According to the EPA, this out-with-the-old philosophy leads to millions of tons of office surplus being dumped in our landfills every year.

It doesn’t have to work this way. Much of that used-furniture tonnage is actually viable office furniture that is ripe for re-purposing.  Just because a conference table no longer serves the needs of a firm in Houston, doesn’t mean that it can’t transform your company’s office, whether your office is down the block or in Chicago. In fact, re-purposed office furniture provides companies with the opportunity to reduce financial outlay for this important and significant expense while also bolstering environmental sustainability.

The choice is yours. Often businesses aren’t aware of the upside of purchasing used furniture:

  • The vast selection of available used furniture options;
  • The significantly reduced costs associated with re-purposed office furniture; and
  • The positive impact that purchasing used office furniture has on the environment.

These are all just as true for small businesses that are just starting out as they are for large well-established corporations. And the positive effect that revamping your office can have on your organization’s overall morale and productivity cannot be overemphasized. Atmosphere matters; revitalize your work-space and, in turn, revitalize your work.

All of this adds up to a challenge for your company to reevaluate its remodels and upgrades and to consider how incorporating used office furniture might better serve your needs. Every step toward decreased landfill waste is an important step that’s worth taking. Purchasing re-purposed furniture for your office provides you with the valuable opportunity to maximize your company’s potential while you economize and decrease waste.

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Businesses, when they are ready to purchase new office furniture, typically hire furniture liquidators to remove all of the used furniture that is on its way out; most of this furniture will end up in a landfill. However, there are companies like National Project Group (NPG) that are helping to shift the status quo. With the largest selection of used furniture in the country and with more than three decades in the business, NPG can help you transform or simply tweak your office furniture and, thus, your office. You’ll be able to take pride not only in your new accommodations but also in your financial savvy and your contribution to environmental sustainability. For more information, call an NPG expert today at 800-821-3522.