NPG’s Top Tips for Arranging Your Office

You want your office to be professional, inviting, and comfortable, but how do you go about achieving such a thing? With guidance from NPG’s project management team, you’ll have your office looking and performing better than ever before. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years, and we know how to help you make the most of your office space. Consider how you can incorporate our top tips into your office layout.

Clear the Entryway

By clearing your office’s entryway, you invite your guests to take in the entire space, which promotes spatial harmony. Even if your office is tucked into a tiny nook, you want to make the most of it – keeping the entryway open is a great place to start. Allow heavy office furniture to anchor the inner reaches of your office, and keep your entryway inviting.

Build Visual Balance

A balanced office is a peaceful, productive office. Distribute the visual weight of your office furniture evenly throughout your office layout. This means don’t shove all your cabinets and heavy furniture into one area while leaving the rest of your office bare. Balance, however, isn’t all about office furniture; the right décor can also play a role. An office furniture professional can help you strike the right balance.

Give Your Walls Room to Breathe

If you’re working with a small space, this tip can be difficult to implement – but it’s worth it. Add fluidity and grace to your office layout by not placing all your office furniture against the walls. If some of your heavier furniture must be so arranged, balance that with chairs and lighter pieces that are placed in the open. When you declutter wall space, you create a more open, airy office.

Keep Traffic flowing

Yes, you need office furniture, but you don’t want it to turn your office into an obstacle course. Think about how your office traffic flows. Keeping your office space open, with walkways that are at least three feet wide, creates a more peaceful office environment that’s also safer to exit in an emergency.

If You’re Ready to Rearrange Your Office Layout, Call NPG Today

Getting your office right is important, and National Project Group is here to help. We help businesses like yours re-imagine their offices. Not everyone is going for the same office layout, but everyone wants an office that reflects personal aesthetic as it provides a comfortable, peaceful, and inviting workspace. At NPG, we have a vast selection of office furniture that includes new, refurbished, and Grade A pre-owned, and our professional project managers are here to effortlessly guide you toward the office layout that’s right for you. For professional help planning your office space, give us a call at 800-821-3522 or send us an email through our online contact form today.