Hoteling: Could this Be an Option for Your Office

What the heck is office hoteling? Office hoteling takes the popular open-office plan a step further by creating shared spaces for your employees. Decreased expense and improved workforce collaboration are the motivators behind this trend toward shared spaces. Consider hoteling’s possibilities in determining whether it’s a good match for your office needs.

Shared Spaces

Instead of adopting the typical assigned desk approach, hoteling offers office space on an as-needed basis. Employees aren’t assigned personal desks or cubicles; instead, employees book designated shared spaces through a reservation system when needed. IBM was one of the first large companies to adopt hoteling in the 1990s, but the trend toward shared spaces has recently garnered renewed interest. Large companies tend to find office hoteling especially beneficial; this is often attributed to the number of remote hours and travel hours that such employees regularly log. Hoteling’s shared spaces offers a means to optimize your office space within your business’s unique work profile.

The Pros of Hoteling

Due to sick days, travel days, vacation days, and remote days, most traditional office spaces realize a usage rate that hovers right at 50 percent. Implementing hoteling’s reservation tool for shared spaces, bolsters your business real estate’s financial efficiency. Hoteling can also provide your employees with more workspace versatility and with more opportunities to collaborate. There is also versatility within the hoteling concept; it’s not necessary that your entire office adopt hoteling’s shared spaces. Instead, you can allocate that percentage of your office that works for your unique business. Ultimately, hoteling allows your employees to carve out private workspaces when they need them and to congregate together comfortably when it’s time to collaborate.

The Cons of Hoteling

On the other hand, hoteling is certainly not for everyone. Many employees place great value in their unique sense of place in the office, and they often don’t do well when they’re denied ownership of their own work space. If most of your employees spend 50 percent or more of their working hours in the office, hoteling may not be your best option. Additionally, hoteling probably won’t work well, for obvious security reasons, if your employees are engaged in handling confidential documents.

If appropriate for your business, a successful hoteling project can be effected with a carefully designed plan and the right office furniture. The hoteling and office furniture specialists at National Project Group are here to expertly guide you through the process.

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