Benefits of a Keyboard Tray

Many employees are hesitant to adopt keyboard trays. Employees often complain that they just feel weird. This represents a typical knee-jerk reaction to something new. It’s understandable; we all have them. Keyboard trays have a lot to offer, however. Educating yourself and your employees about their distinct advantages can help you segue into a more modern, comfortable office. While keyboard trays probably seem alien at first, they’re very easy to adapt to and are worth your serious consideration.

Keyboard Tray Benefits

Keyboard trays offer two significant benefits that are worth exploring:

  • Clutter Be Gone

Keyboard trays reposition your employees’ mouse and keyboard off of the valuable real estate of their desks. Clutter-free office furniture bolsters clutter-free work.

  • Ease of Movement

Because these trays build ergonomic design into each desk, keyboard trays allow your employees to maintain a more comfortable position while typing. They can be manipulated to suit each employee individually, and they allow an ease of movement that naturally promotes comfort and improved posture. All of this adds up to an easing of the discomfort that often comes with long hours spent typing away at a desk. Keyboard trays allow every employee to find their own typing comfort zone and to stay in it.

The Right Keyboard Tray

Keyboard trays come in so many styles and variations that it can seem overwhelming. The professionals at National Project Group have the skill to help you find what’s right for your employees at your price point. We’re here to help, and we’ll guide you toward what works for you.

While it’s true that keyboard trays can be awkward to use at first, that awkwardness is short lived. Though there are a few people who never adapt to keyboard trays, most of your employees will acclimate within a day or two. Within a week or so, they’ll be thanking you for the new-found comfort that keyboard trays promote – comfort that they probably didn’t even realize they were missing. Comfortable employees are happy employees.

If You’re Ready to Think Keyboard Trays, Call NPG Today

National Project Group is here to help you discover the inherent benefits of the right keyboard tray. We have 30 years of experience helping employers like you invest in quality office furniture and accessories, and we’ll help you find the right keyboard trays for your whole office. At NPG, we offer a wide selection of keyboard trays that we are happy to explore with you. For expert help choosing your keyboard trays for your workstations, give us a call at 800-821-3522 or send us an email through our online contact form today.